Highlighting & Contouring Course

Advanced Highlighting & Contouring Course

You will receive expert tuition from an educator with real industry experience!

What you will learn and receive

  • Contouring to sculpt bone structure, reshape and refine the face.
  • Contouring for eyes and lips, carefully assessing when contouring is required.
  • Highlighting techniques to illuminate key facial features and boost overall radiance.
  • Colour and product selection for skin type and effect.
  • Master blending techniques.
  • Reviewing the up-coming trends, learning about colour charts, and creating smoky eye shadow techniques.

Workshop Description

Carved cheekbones, illuminated skin, flawless faces – the art of highlighting and contouring is one makeup trend that is here to stay. Designed for professional makeup artists to meet the current demands and requests of clients, in this one night intensive and interactive workshop you’ll master the art of adding light and dimension to sculpt the face.

You’ll be hands on shading and shaping the face with the latest products. Learning from our expert Makeup Educators on how best to use shade and light to enhance the facial structure and discover how to alter different face shapes, create cheekbones and contour lips and eyes. Class will consist of demonstrations followed by hands on practice.


GROUP SESSION £39 Per Person

*Minimum of 4 people required

FREE Aftercare

We look after our students every step of their journey!

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